Thing(s) I don’t really want to remember

At a wedding recetpion over the weekend, I heard Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy wit’ it” for the first time in several years.  my older daughter, who was 9 when the song came out (in 1998) owned the cd. We heard it plenty.

I had not heard it in a long time, yet I found myself singing along immediately.

I don’t want to rememebr the words to this song!  I don’t even care if I remember the song.  I don’t know if Will Smith cares if he remembers the song.

I have nothing against Will Smith; either now or back when he was a singer/musician.  It’s just that an awful lot of the music I have heard over the years isn’t particularly interesting to me NOW.

And yet, I remember it.

I suppose I could let this bother me.  I suppose you might suggest I have let it bother me if I am writing about it today, almost 40 hours after it happened.  I promsie I am not bothered.

It does give me pause to reflect, though, on how stuff gets inside us and finds a resting place.  If I was sitting down to a test today, and was asked – required- for the test to be able to cite “Gettin’ Jiggy wit’ it,” I am pretty sure that, had I not heard it Saturday, I would draw a blank today.

Jesus said it is not what you and I take into our body as food that defiles, but what is in our hearts.  I don’t know if  “Gettin’ Jiggy wit’ it” is, in fact, in my heart, but it is obviously in me in a deeper sense than Saturday’s lunch is. (I had a turkey sandwich, if you must know).

So: what is in you?  Song lyrics from 13 years ago?  Lyrics from 30 years ago? Don’t beat yourself up over what’s in there that you no longer want.  Condsider, on the other hand, putting stuff in there now that you will be thankful for in 13 years.


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