Correct diagnosis: priceless!

I suppose you’ve heard the one about someone billing $10,000 for a simple repair, and then itemizing thus: needed part: $10. knowing what is needed: $9,990.  It is an urban legend/mythology.  I’ve used the story in sermons before – the version I told included Henry Ford and genius electrician Charlie Steinmetz.

From now on, I tell the story with myself and Leslie Turnbough at Certified Auto Shop on Wooded Acres in Waco.

Several months ago, our car began making  noise that sounded like it was coming from the front right wheel.  I had waited too long between tire rotations, and so thought that might be the cause.  We had the tire folks check and re-check  a few times.  Even bought a new set of tires. (We were over 70,000 miles into a set of 80,000 mile tires)

The last two times we had taken the car into Greg May Honda for scheduled maintenance we had mentioned the noise.  Both times they told us they found nothing.

Maybe they had not actually checked, because Mr. Turnbough diagnosed the probelm as a bad wheel bearing less than 30 seconds into our test drive.

He then gave me a ride to my office, and called 2 hours later when the workl was done.

No, I didn’t get a bill for 10,000.  But I did finally find the guy who knew where to look.  I expect the bill I got would have been higher at the dealer – if they had found the problem.

I decided on the way home I would like to be such a diagnostician as a pastor.  Too often we get caught up on things that really are not the problem and miss what really is.

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