Who’s the winningest?

No disrespect, Coach K, but it is being reported you just became the winningest NCAA basketball coach ever – with win 903 last night.  Congratulations!  Pat Summitt, of Tennessee, though, has 1071 wins.

Keep at it, Coach, you can do it!  Just eight more 20 win seasons and you are there.

Then we can once again celebrate you as the winingest college basketball coach.


3 thoughts on “Who’s the winningest?

  1. I am a fan of women’s college basketball, but the two can’t really be compared. Coach K should be referred to as the men’s basketball coach who has won the most games, but there really is no comparison. The level of competition and the parity in men’s basketball is so much greater than it has been historically in women’s basketball. Women’s basketball has and is getting MUCH better, but they just aren’t the same.
    In the mid 80s when my beloved Lady Horns went undefeated for an entire season. (other teams have done that in Women’s as well) just can’t really be done in men’s basketball.
    I am all for Pat Summit getting her due, and we should all continue to lift her up in prayer with her recent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

  2. Colin Cowherd spent a lot of time yesterday (on the radio) expalining why Coach K was better than John Wooden even though some of Wooden’s record will likely never be eclipsed. “They really can’t be compared.”

    I agree that these comparisons are apples to oranges. However, to call Coach K the winningest college basketball coach is simply NOT TRUE.

    Identifying the gender of the sport involves no disrespect – or, if it does, then women’s sports are ALWAYS disrespected

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