Maturity – What?

Once upon a time, I heard that a baby’s cry is one of the most disconcerting sounds there is to human ears. I don’t doubt it. Eliza has been cutting her eye teeth for several days now.  Rachel tells me she has heard and read that this is quite painful.  I know something has been waking her at night in quite a bit of pain.

While I realize my disccomfort at hearing her cry is nothing compared to what she must be feeling, my heart aches to do something, anything, to ease her pain.

“If only she could express in words for us what hurts,” I caught myself thinking a couple of days ago.

But, alas, this is one of the things babies cannot do; express themselves with words, let alone appropriate words. As parents, we succeed to a great degree if we can bring our children to express verbally what they are feeling.

I too quickly realized that I, a reasonably mature 48 year old, still fail too often to express verbally what I am feeling.

I suspect we would have a better shot at teaching our young to verbally express what they are feeling if we would ourselves learn to do so.

I am going to practice this especially this advent. I invite you to do the same.

What a tremendous gift this would be for everyone we know!

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