Sometimes life is hard

Less than a week ago, Rachel and I found ourselves in a hospital room with our 18 month old daughter, Eliza. Eliza was (and is) in a body cast.

It’s hard to help an 18 month old understand this kind of thing.

It’s hard, as a parent, to understand this kind of thing.

That day, following the exciting news that Eliza did not need surgery, we were confronted with the next matter before us.  Facing our child going under anesthesia and potential surgery ihad been stressful.  Aswe began the first of twelve weeks in the cast, we also began to get a taste of another stress.

Tuesday, while holding Eliza and trying to comfort her, I thought about how challenging the next three months would be.

Each time I felt like I was beginning to grasp this new challenge, I also began to feel guilty. I know that plenty of people have much more adverse conditions to deal with than this.

This back-and-forth I felt inside took me back about a decade to a former DS I had, who had a sermon he shared with us annually.  It was about how everybody is carryign a burden; everyone has hir or her own heavy load.

The genius of the message was that it offered peace and encouragement in the truth that life is nto a contest of who struggles more or less.  We all do better when we let go of that competition and acknowlege that everyone struggles.


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