Call this politics if you want, but It’s all Theology to Me

I admit I’m a couple days behind.  I’ve been working. Rick Perry’s video “Strong” has gone viral on YouTube.

(I was tempted to blog today about how Gingrich calls the anti-climate-change ad he did with Nancy Pelosi the “dumbest thing he’s done in a long time.” This seems a stretch when it is common knowledge now that WHILE pursuing Clinton’s impeachment Gingrich was in an extra-marital affair of his own.)

Alas, that might have been construed as partisan.  My concern with Perry’s video is purely theological.

Gov. Perry, with all due respect, allowing gays to serve openly in the military is not a “war on religion.”  It is about citizens who are interested being willing to serve their country in the military. As Stanley Hauerwas pointed out almost 20 years ago, Mr. Perry, Christians ought to be more concerned with whether Christians should serve in the military than whether or not gays should.

While you are here, Gov. Perry, I’d also like to let you know that kids can pray any time they like, even in public schools.  There never has been a law or a Supreme Court decision opposing this.


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