I agree with the Jew.

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Don’t worry; I don’t get all my news from The Daily Show.  I do often, though, find Jon Stewart’s commentary spot-on.

Like on the ongoing issue of the “War on Christmas.”  Most of this war is made up stuff by people, usually identifying themselves as Christians, who get their feelings hurt if everyone doesn’t recognize Christmas in the same way they do.

The other day on ouf our youth came into my office wanting to talk about how another youth here had hurt his feelings.  Better to talk about than to punch, so I listened.  What was it the other young man did to hurt his feelings, you ask?  I wondered teh same thing.

The other guy had dared claim not to believe in God.

The young mand who came into my office for help in processing this had his feelings hurt merely by someone else not believing in God.

What’s worse, this other person dared claim that Christians had hurt his feelings in their condemnation of him.

I think Jesus expects more of us than to have our feelings hurt by mere disagreement with us.

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