Is it really that bad?

We laughed really hard at this sketch from last Saturday’s SNL:

On a related note, A letter to the editor in our local paper today referred to Tim Tebow being “persecuted by the mainstream media” for his Christian faith.  RagingRev blogged about this yesterday, and I’ll have to agree with him.

There seems to be a fair amount of whining about how bad the media is treating Tebow, but, as Rachel said this morning, “I’m hearing a lot more about how bad the press is than actually hearing the press pick on him.”

Come one, American Christians; having someone comment, or even make fun of, your faith is not persecution.  Getting arested, jailed, beaten, or killed for your faith – now that is persecution.

Perhaps the SNL folks have hit on something with their take on “white people problems.”  Or maybe they need to do a skit called “American Christian problems.”

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