Cry in church?

Would you be comfortable crying in your church?

A pastor friend of mine recently shared with me this scenario. A congregant had visited with him about a particularly stressful event she had just been through. Among the suggestions my friend offered was to attend worship. (the congregant had not attended since the event)

She admitted her hesitation: that she would probably cry .

While I COMPLETELY understand this feeling, I want church (or, more specifically, the worshiping congregation) to be THE place or setting or group where one feels most comfortable to cry.

What do you think? Would you feel comfortable crying in worship? Are you (am l) the kind of person in whose presence others feel comfortable letting tears flow?

One thought on “Cry in church?

  1. I have as the pastor cried in front of the congregation. People regularly cry in worship at Foundation. I don’t think that is a big barrier to worship here. If so, it is a perceived barrier and not a real one.

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