Humiliation in Youth Ministry

Had a discussion the other night about what we’d be militant about.

I’m pretty laid back, and wouldn’t get militant over much.

But then I thought of it.

I am militantly opposed to humiliation in the name of youth ministry. Do you know what I mean?

Like those times on retreats or mission trips, when someone loses his or her nametag? Humiliation in youth ministry says they should be made to sing or dance in front of everyone to earn to back.

That kind of thing will never again happen if I am at the event.

Had it happened to me as a youth, I would have left the church. I’ve talked to at least one person who left the church more than a decade ago for such a reason.

If you think the solution is that people should just grow thicker skin, perhaps you should read the gospels again.

Are you with me?

6 thoughts on “Humiliation in Youth Ministry

  1. I’m definitely with you. I’d include those skits some people like to do at camp or youth group events where someone becomes the unwitting butt of the joke, getting water poured on their head or the like.

  2. Is this sort of thing honestly that common in those sorts of settings? It seems wildly inappropriate to me in so many ways, and had I been on the receiving end of that behavior I would’ve definitely walked away. I don’t know if I would’ve had the strength or presence of mind to confront it from the other side, but I certainly would now, and I admire your resolve in not wanting to see it happen again.

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