Breaking an old habit

I am, and always have been, a morning person. Sleeping in for me means not setting an alarm, and is almost always no later than 7 am.  I usually wake up quickly, too, and more often than not, fairly cheerful.

Until, that is, we reach a morning like this past Saturday.  Thursday morning, Rachel and I began the day in Seattle, where we took a public transportation adventure to get to the airport in time to find our flight delayed. It ended up being delayed 5 hours, or more than long enough to miss our connecting fligth out of Denver to Albuquerque, where Eliza was enjoying a visit with Nana and Papa.

All that would have been fine, as Frontier Airlines offered to put us up for the night in Denver and fly us into Albuquerque first thing Friday morning.  Unfortunately, first thing Friday morning was not early enough for us to retrieve our daughter and catch our morning flight home. Therefore, we rented a car in Denver and made the 7 hour drive overnight.  The roads were clear and Interstate 25 friendly enough to offer a nearly 5 hour sleep stop in Raton, NM.

We picked up Eliza (with much help in transition from Nana – thanks Donna!), and made our flight to Austin, via El Paso, and drove home from there, arriving before 5pm.

We were, needless to say, anticipating a liesurely Saturday morning.  We had not anticipated it starting at 6:05 with an incredibly cheerful toddler smiling at us and saying, “Hi!” as she has recently learned to do.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I AM a morning person.  I USED TO enjoy being all cherrful in the faces of people who were, let’s say, less so.

Now that I have felt how the other half feels, I’ll be a bit less “in-your-face” with my morning cheer.

I wonder how many other ways I have not yet thought about how others feel?  I expect, and now hope, that my daughter will continue to help me learn these.

3 thoughts on “Breaking an old habit

  1. And — if you weren’t in a great mood — having that darling Little E smile and “Hi” must have made it all better!! Glad you are home and safe!! I’m in Little E withdrawal!! And — you and Rachel too!! c:)

  2. I am reminded of all the times I would call my mom for insight on helping me parent Robbie (now 22) whenever I would tell my mother about anything Robbie might have done that was challenging, she would just laugh at me. Apparently our children are our parent’s revenge on us, or soemthing like that…?

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