God: active or passive or both?

At a memorial service the other day, it was said that “God took her home.” This is often said in memorial and funeral services, and otherwise when referring to friends and loved ones who have died.

Without taking issue in this specific case, I wonder if it generally wise (or correct) to say that God “took” someone in his or her death. I am not so sure that God plays an active role I’m everyone’s death.

I would rather say that “God has received or welcomed” than that God “took” them.

What do you think? Is God active or passive in people’s deaths?

One thought on “God: active or passive or both?

  1. I think that an equally important thing to think about is why this is said at so many funerals, even those of people who pass away who didn’t truly know Christ in their lifetime. The homes of those people aren’t in eternal life with Christ despite what comfort comes out of thinking that those people went to a better place in death. Which is the biggest tragedy of all. People are dying everyday without actually knowing or believing in the gospel because they were raised in the church or were moral people and did “stuff for Christ” or even just logically believed in God and the concept of heaven but didn’t truly understand or have faith in it’s reality and the equally reality of hell and eternal separation from God. I think people need to focus more on what happens after the life is “taken” or “lost”.

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