Becoming One’s Own Person…

Stopped at the World Cup Cafe this morning to stock up on fair trade coffee.  As I paid, the cashier asked me if I was military. I looked at her quizically and she explained, “Your USAA credit card – I thought maybe….”

I replied that, no, my dad had been career navy, and that I received the benefits of USAA as a dependent. The cashier explained that she was a USAA member for the same reason.

I chuckled to myself as I walked out of the place, realizing that it makes since not to think of someone my age as someone’s son.

At some point ion life we all become our own person.  More likely, we do so at various points with the many different communities in which we all function.

I can’t wait to tell my dad this story.  I bet he will get a kick out of it.

4 thoughts on “Becoming One’s Own Person…

  1. Pastor Steve, I’m so sorry that you think your age makes it hard to think of yourself as someone’s son. Or that it makes since because they no longer have to take care of you. I enjoy being my mother’s daughter even at the age of 54. Yes I am my own person, but she will always be my mother and I will always be her daughter.
    Also it’s nice to know that we are always God’s children no matter what our age or how much our own person we become.

    Be your own person, but enjoy the child you are. It is a gift from God.

    • Please let me clarify: I have no trouble at all thinking of myself as someone’s son. I am proud to be Bill and Mary’s son, and realize more every day what blessings they have been as my parents.

      What I noticed yesterday was that I am now at an age that my being someone else’s son isn’t the first thing someone else thinks.

      I see more of my dad in me every week – in the ways I laugh, the ways I parent, the ways I respond to people (or don’t respond in some cases). Yet to the world around me, I am me.

      • Thanks for the clarification. And yes, you are you.
        I guess I’m different, because my first thoughts about a person is not about them being a son or a daughter. Must be the teacher in me. I’m always looking and asking who are you and how can I relate to you so I can teach you.
        Oh well, funny how as we get older we see our parents in ourselves and possibly some of us in our own children. And if we look close enough we see a bit of God in every one.

  2. … the first thing that comes to mind is, she probably would have asked if you were military even if you were a lot younger … when going through the gates of a military installation, my first thought is, “That person standing guard cannot possibly be old enough to be carrying a firearm.” But then again, that’s ’cause I’M so old. LOL

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