I am giving up blogging for Lent

But keep checking in here; I’ve got some good things in store for you between now and Easter!

I am giving up blogging for Lent so I can focus on another writing project. Since Lent does not technically include Sundays, I will post here weekly on the Lord’s Day.

I have also invited a trio of my friends to guest blog here. They have each discerned a call to ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church.

Ethan Gregory is in his second year at SMU. He is also a General Conference Delegate for the Central Texas Conference. I believe he is the youngest such delegate we have ever elected.

Will McClammy is the Associate Pastor and Youth Director at FUMC Eastland. Several years ago Will and I served together on the CTCYM Advisory Board.

Stefani Reed is in her first year at Perkins School of Theology. I met Stefani on her first CTCYM mission trip – 10 years ago.

If these 3 are any indication of the future of the UMC, I am hopeful. I appreciate their willingness to share here.

One thought on “I am giving up blogging for Lent

  1. Looking forward to hearing from each of the ‘guest bloggers’ here. I am excited you have created a space for these people to share through your blog, Steve.

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