Holy Week

“Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord!”

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the day we in the church celebrate Christ’s journey into Jerusalem, the day that marks the beginning of Holy Week. In churches all over the world palm branches will be waved, and shouts of, “Hosanna!” will be heard, as the church joins in worship before the last week in the season of Lent begins. It is hard to believe that this season is almost over.

As a part of my Lenten disciplines this year, I decided not to add or take away anything, well except for this weekly post, and instead continue with my Bible in 90 Days reading plan, which I am doing along with over 400 other people from my church, Arborlawn UMC. I can’t say that this experience has been extremely life changing for me, but I have enjoyed reading the Bible in its entirety from cover to cover at this quick pace, it has allowed for some big picture reflection. One of the major things that has been highlighted by reading the Bible in 90 days is the proportion in size of the New Testament to the Old Testament. The Bible in 90 Days reading plan is about 12 and a half weeks long, 9 and a half weeks were spent in the Old Testament, with only three in the New. I did much rejoicing when I finally got to the Gospels, and as I am reflecting on this experience, I am rejoicing in the fact that the NT is so short. I think the NT is shorter than the OT not just because it has fewer books, but because it is only the introduction to a much longer story.

That story is our story.

We are the people of the new covenant, of the good news of Jesus Christ, and this week we get to celebrate that. Tomorrow we get to celebrate Jesus’ journey into his final week. Thursday we get to celebrate around the communion table as we remember the last supper. Friday we get to celebrate and be thankful that Jesus was crucified, and on Easter Sunday we get to celebrate Jesus’ victory over death in his resurrection.

However, if the celebration is forgotten after this week, it will all be for nothing. As a people of the new covenant we are called to celebrate always as we engage in the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. I challenge us, as we celebrate and remember this week, to not stop after this week. The story is not over, it is just beginning!

2 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. Ethan,
    I have enjoyed your writings here during Lent. I am very excited that Steve is having you and Stephanie do this, because I am so glad that I am hearing from you two and your perspectives, and I would not have if you hadn’t been writing here. So thank you to you and Steve (and Stephanie) for these posts.
    I would also encourage you to do some research into the connection between the Passover, Yom Kippur, and Holy Week. I have a good friend who grew up in a Jewish/Roman Catholic household (yes, it is as odd as it sounds). He leads us through the Passover liturgy (Haggadah), and all through it explains how the OT points to Jesus. It is an amazingly rich experience that has changed my entire perspective on Scripture. If you are interested I could sent you a copy via email or some such. I would invite you to the Seder at Foundation this Thursday a t6 pm, but I know we are on the other end of the Conference.

  2. Thanks Ryan! I have really enjoyed this opportunity from Steve. I will definitely be blogging during GC and am considering trying to make it more of a habit after.

    It’s interesting that you mention the Passover and Seder Meal. We are actually going to have one tomorrow night at SMU Wesley in place of our normal worship service. The mention of your Jewish/Roman Catholic friend is actually not as odd as it sounds; I have a good friend from SMU who grew up in the same type of family. Her dad is the one who is going to lead us through the meal tomorrow.

    I will definitely give some more thought to this post and the link between Passover and Holy Week!

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