Have I dripped on you? Have you dripped on me?

It’s good to be back! I’ll share eventually from some of my experiences from giving up blogging for Lent. Today, however, I’d like to share some thoughts from my morning run.

We had a good rain last night. The roads were,mostly dry this morning, though I noticed as I passed under some trees that there was still water coming off of leaves on some of the trees.  The driping trees left interesting shapes of moisture on the road surface. Lacking much wind overnight, I noticed each tree left on the road a wet pattern the shape of it’s shadow from straight above.

Trees drip within the span of their branches. I think we do, too.

Today’s metaphor is for evangelism. If evangelism is, in fact Good News (and this is exactly what the word meant), it is good news mostly for those within our reach – within our dripline, if you will.

We who claim to follow Jesus ought to be living lives in such a way that nourishment (love, joy, peace, patiemce, etc.) passes from us to those within our reach. Perhaps programs and exercises to reach others are a good idea, but if we don’t have enough touch of good news for those near us, I am skeptical of our ability to share meaningfully and deeply with others.

To those of you to whom I have lived closely enough to receive such blessings from you, I thank you.

More on the drip line tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Have I dripped on you? Have you dripped on me?

  1. What a good word. Thanks, Steve!
    I know I’ve definitely benefited from the short time I was in your “drip line.”

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