Grace, in a nutshell

The model of care employed by Methodist Children’s Home is called Trust-Based Relational Intervention. We are learning and enacting this model with the help of TCU’s Institiute of Child Development.

An important part of this model of care is the “re-do.”  following up an inappropatie behavior with an appropriate alternative helps one develop the experience, conscious and sub-conscious, of doing things appropriately.

Sometimes we child-care workers balk at giving our kids a second chance.  Sometimes we feel like they should have learned by now.  Some of them are 18 years old, after all!

Almost every pay period I get a call from my supervisor reminding me to fill out my records for the past two weeks because it is time to do payroll again.  Not once has my supervisor failed to give me another opportunity to get paid.

Each time I go into the software, I tell myself that I can remember this on my own.  “I will keep up with this for the next two weeks,” I coach myself.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

I am grateful that my supervisor keeps giving me these reminders.  For all I know, his supervisor may sometimes have to remind him.

I beleive the “re-do,” or “do-over” or second chance is exactly what God’s grace for us is about. We all fail the first time.  Most of us fail again and again.  God knew this!  Jesus’ offer of life to us is not dependent upon us finally getting it right, but rather on the love and grace of a “re-do.”

As long as you keep needing an occasional re-do, please keep offering the same to others.

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