Mean what you say…

Driving down highway 287 yesterday, passing from Arlington toward Kennedale, I noticed St. Paul Preparatory School.  In large print on the building that looked to be their gym was the title “Overcoming Faith.”

I would expect such a title from Peter Rollins, or maybe as the subtitle of Blue Like Jazz. No; it is apparently the name of a church.  They mean it, I realized, as faith that overcomes.  Honestly, it didn’t take me long to read it that way.

SINCE I read people like Peter Rollins and Donald Miller, though, my first read was that this school was about helping students overcome their faith issues.

I just realized, while typing (in case you thought I worked these posts out over an extended period of time) that since I also read Sam Harris I could have construed this reference as overcoming the negative affects faith has had on our culture.  Unlikely they would have names the school St Paul, though, had that been the case….

I am working my way through Jim Palmer’s Being Jesus in Nashville.  This book could certainly be subtitled “overcoming faith.”

Fellow Christians, or Jesus-followers, or whatever-you-call-yourself in this regard; what do we have to offer those who have any variety of experience with God through a church that they feel the ned to overcome faith?

I wish it could be something like the church sign I saw in Red Oak that said, “Dont’ let a bad church experience  keep you from a good God experience.”  I honestly thing, though, that this is leads to more of the same problem.

We who claim the name of Jesus and/or church have spent too many years inviting people to “look at Jesus, not at us,” and pasting stickers on our cars that say “Christians aren’t perfect just forgiven.”  The only jesus people are going to know is the one you and I show them.

May we all overcome some faith today.

One thought on “Mean what you say…

  1. I used to pass that building everyday. It is actually a church called Overcoming Faith church and it recently expanded to having a prep school as well. I don’t know what’s more intriguing, the name of the church or the giant lion dressed in a football uniform on the side of the building…

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