On not taking myself too seriously

Yesterday was my first Sunday as Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Euless.  Both worship services went very well. The congregation is warm and very welcoming.

My sermon was well received; enough so that I could begin to get a big head about it.

Except for these two things:
1. Whatever preaching ability I have is a gift that confirms my call, rather than an ability i think my call was based on;
And especially
2. My two year old was apparently imitating me, gestures and all, in the back of the sanctuary.

I’m still laughing this morning at the thought!

So many of the ways we are “brought back to earth” these days seem to be criticism or negativity.  By contrast, this imitation by Eliza, while being the sincerest form of flattery, was also a good natured way of reminding me how human I am – with all the negative and positive connotations.

This morning I had my first opportunity to visit with someone coming by the church looking for a handout. One of my colleagues on staff here shared with this lady in a really beuatiful way that what we had to share was love – that we are always happy to love on people because everyone needs that.

I believe that loving on people helps them feel human – in a positive way.

May we all, in taking others seriously enough, and not taking our selves too seriously, help on another keep in touch with the truth offered in Ephesians 2:10 (CEB) – we are “the accomplisment of God.”

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