When God is there

Vacation Bible School is this week at First United Methodist Church of Euless. We are having a great time! Children, youth, and adults are learning, singing, dancing, making things, and, of course, eating creatively theme-y snacks. What a great way to spend one’s first week at a news church!

But this is not all we are doing at VBS. We have also had to call in the Fire Department and EMS on separate days. No, no one has been hurt – thanks for asking – but it has gotten street levels up a bit.

Maybe it is just the youth pastor in me that wants to find the meaning or object lesson in everything, but, in the grand scheme of things, I believe we are better of as a church because things like this happen. (I am NOT implying that God is making these things happen)

For much of the past millennium in the West, we Christians have often tried to make our Church buildings into places where we get a respite from the brokeness of the world. With stained glass windows we can, for the duration of a worship service, set aside the world ‘out there.’ The intent in doing this, of course, is to better be able to focus on God.

What struck me yesterday, though, as the EMS were taking one of our volunteers to the hospital (where the volunteer was treated and released within a matter of hours), was that God would like us to know that God is indeed with us IN THE MIDST of all the brokeness and pain and frustration.

I am thankful to be at a church where stuff happens just like it does at home, at work, at school, etc. If all that can happen at church, where we expect God to meet us, then Gof can also meet us all the other places such things happen. I believe this will help us become people who don’t leave God waiting for us at that building we only visit on Sundays.

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