Whose Needs Are They?

Several times over the past month I have heard people say “You need to_______.”  Fill in the blank with a variety of tasks ranging from tiny to huge.

With most of these statements, I noticed that they would be more accurate, and more truthful, worded as “I need you to __________.”

Why do we seem so easily to cofuse whose needs we are talking about?

I look forward to your answers to this question!

One thought on “Whose Needs Are They?

  1. Perhaps it would be helpful to expand our discourse:
    A person in situation A should perform action X. You are in situation A, therefore you should perform action X.


    A person who desires to bring about state of affairs B should perform action Y. You have expressed a desire to bring about state of affairs B, so therefore should perform action Y.

    These expressions (and we could imagine innumerable similar constructions) have the advantage of getting beyond the merely personal (“I want you to do X”) and to bring reasons into the picture.

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