Does shopping at a “Christian Store” help you be Christian?

I went to a Lifeway “Christian Store” earlier this week. While I realize(d) this doesn’t mean they sell Christians, I have to admit I had some intellectual fun with the concept.  Thanks to those of you who shared those exercises with me on Facebook.

I was further energized theologically when I noticed on the front door that the store offers “Biblical Solutions for Life.”

I was surprised and, admittedly, quite let down upon opening said front door and being greeted by a large area to the right full of Jesus Junk.  Jesus Junk is all that artsy- stuff that is really mass-produced anything with a verse or two of scripture laminated onto it.

The irony got deeper when I looked to my immediate left in response to a clerk at a cashier terminal offering to help me find something.  “Where can I find communion supplies?” I asked.

“They’re way in the back, over there,” she said, pointing. “Behind the VBS sign.”

Great – a store that offers Biblical Solutions to Life makes communion elements and other “church supplies” the hardest thing to find.

But you can buy this print of a painting of a really warm looking house in the woods (probably just outside Lake Woebegone) and a psalm reference printed in the lower left for ONLY $129.

THAT’S a Biblical Solution to Life if I ever saw one!

Lord, help us!

3 thoughts on “Does shopping at a “Christian Store” help you be Christian?

  1. Makes me think of the Shepherds Guide directory they give away there. I have used services listed in the guide. They are Christian businesses. The work performed was lousy and the atttitude were too. Never again. I will hire a heathen first. I do not all the cheap marked up items with a scripture tacked on them either.

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