Trouble for Christians in Arizona?

It seems that illegal aliens and people who look like they might be illegal aliens are not the only ones who ought to tread carefully in the Grand Canyon State.  It seems that people who want to hold bible studies in their home should watch out, too.

Michael Salman, a pastor in Pheonix, has been convicted and sentenced to 60 days in prison for holding a Bible Study in his home. This is just about all the information Relevant Magazine gave me, so I was bothered enough to blog. Here, blog equals rant.

I have mostly outgrown the blog=rant period in my life, so I decided to read further before actually posting. I found this. Officials say this issues is much more about fire codes and zoning than about religious liberty. Salman and his wife requested, and were granted, in 2008, for their house to be considered a church.  Since then, they have paid no taxes on the home.

Neither have they kept it up to what state and county laws require for a public building – which is what a chruch is considered.

I think we Christians do our Lord a disservice when we blur lines of respect as has apparently been done here. Sometimes we are eager to be able to claim we are persecuted. Sometimes we want favored treatment because, after all, we are about the Lord’s work. No, rather, let’s live lives worthy of respect and admiration and, doing so, follow Jesus.

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