It’s not Me. It’s You.

A few years ago I was asked to pull down a Facebook group page I had created the day before. The grounds were simple. I was told, “when I opened the page, I saw an ad that seemed inappropriate on your page.”

Not long ago, one of you asked me if I knew there were ads for liquor on my blog.

No, I didn’t know. Should I ask which liquor? Am I supposed to pull my blog off the internet?

Instead, let me share this: the ads YOU see on Facebook pages and/or on this blog are ads that some algorithm has suggested are of interest to YOU. The generator of these ads take your browser history and a variety of other things into account.

In brief, it’s not me; it’s you.  The ads you see online say as much (or more) about you as about the pages you see them.

I was going to say “if you can’t handle that, perhaps you should stay off the internet,” but that seems a bit harsh. So, let me say this instead:

Don’t judge the ad on someone else’s page until you have considered your own internet habits first.


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