Taking Care of Problems

I park my car in direct sunlight every day at work.  A couple of weeks ago I decided that a sunshade for my windshield.

This past Friday afternoon, I finally got around to buying said sunshade.

Sunday, following morning services, I got in my car to drive home and saw the sunshade sitting, folded, in the footwell of the front passenger seat.

It would work much better, I think, if I put it in the windshield. I am trying that this morning.

On my way home in my hotter-than-it-needed-to-have-been car, I though about how much of life following Jesus is like this.  We know what we should do, and then don’t do it; sometimes for years!

For example, I remember a conversation I had when I was newly divorced.  I said, in sort of a bragging way, that I knew I needed to, and should, forgive my ex-wife, but that I was intentionally not going to do so for a while.  (This was all 10 years ago).  As these words came out of my mouth, I was overcome with shame.  As a pastor, I had seen the harmful effects of not forgiving.  I knew intellectually that refusing to forgive was only hurting me, not her.  Yet, I had decided not to.

That day, I decided it was time to forgive.

What do you know you need to do differently to follow Jesus more faithfully?  You may have known this for years, or it may just have struck you this morning.  Either way, now is a good time to act upon it.


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