What would you pay for Facebook?

Facebook has drawn many of us in.  Have you been drawn in far enough that you would be willing to pay for it?

A consequence of going public as a company, which Facebook recently did, is being required to publish quarterly earnings reports.  Facebook’s first such report admits a net loss for the period. Marketplace’s take is that most of us access Facebook via our smartphones, and that they very recently introduced ads to the mobile platform.

Do you want (more) ads in the space of the small screen on your phone while you are updated your status or scrolling through a friend’s recently posted pictures?

Would you be willing to pay NOT to see ads?

I know there is a lot of money in advertising, including advertising on Facebook.  The quarterly report claimed 955 million active users.

I wonder how many of those 955 million would be willing to pay $1 a month not to see ads on their mobile device.

I would consider it.  How about you?

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