Met a friend for lunch the other day.  He paid, as I was “the new guy in town.”  (Anyone else in the area want to buy lunch for the New Guy in Town”?) As we ordered, he struck up a conversation with the cashier, who also happened to run the restaurant.

Later, during our meal, she stopped by and asked if he wanted a refill on his drink, because, as she said, “I can’t stand to see you without a drink.”

My cup was, actually, emptier than his, and less than 6 inches away from it.  I was not offered a refill.

I sat there in stunned silence.  Should I have said something?

I am a middle-aged white male.  I am not used to being among the overlooked.

I wonder how many people I leave feeling the same way.  Hopefully when it happens it does not happen in the context of me showing favoritism to someone else at the same table.


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