What’s a Christian to Do? When are we guilty by association?

Please join me in some musings from the weekend.  On my way home from a hospital visit, I happened upon a Christian radio station.  The song that was playing said, among other things, something like, “I can’t imagine not loving God.”

Whatever issues that may have brought up with me might be fodder for another post.  Here, I want to share about the next thing I heard on the station.  They went into a series of advertisements.  I began to wonder what kind of screening process Christian Radio uses in deciding which companies can/should advertise.

I fairly quickly realized that street runs both ways.  There are, no doubt, companies that would not choose to advertise on Christian Radio. There are some products that listeners to Christian Radio are likely to buy, and some they (we?) are not.

Then I heard an ad for a laser hair removal company.


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