In whom do you trust?

Yesterday I took our newer car in for an overdue maintenance check. The “Service Engine” (or whatever that light is called in VWs) clicked on the day before we were to move.  We felt sure it was an automated thing to remind us to do scheduled maintenance, so we put it off.  Until yesterday.

It was a good opportunity to reconnect with Ben Fields at Strictly Foreign Auto Repair. Rachel took her car to him when she lived up here before.  Ben and Margaret Fields are also behind Project-44.

Ben changed the oil and otherwise the car checked out well.  He told me, though, that the oil was really dirty and it was a good thing I got it changed.

The people we bought the car from in May assured us they had just changed the oil.  We had only driven the car about 3,000 miles.

“The first thing I check on a used car is the dipstick,” Ben shared with me.  “This one told me your oil hadn’t been changed recently.”

I trust Ben; we have known Ben for several years in settings that include CTCYM – not just car care. I don’t trust the dealer from whom we bought the car.

As I drove away I began to think about how important it is to find someone – or a group – that you can trust with your car.

Then I thought that it must be even more important to find someone – or a group – you can trust with your soul.

A soul can be damaged in far fewer than 3,000 miles.



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