We are all in sales

There are limits to every metaphor.  Especially this one.

I heard a story the other day of a visit by a door-to-door salesman.  After listening to him make his case twice and each time politely saying she was not interested, after the third time the homeowner offered this opportunity to part ways, “I’ve just put dinner on the table, and we would like to go eat.”

The salesman, I was told, suggested that he would be glad to come inside and wait patiently in the family’s living room while they ate.

If I were thinking of buying something from someone BEFORE he or she offered to sit patiently in my living room while I ate dinner, I am quite sure such an offer would seal the deal the other way.

The analogy for me is to way we represent Jesus.  Granted, Jesus is NOT a commodity we are out to sell to others, but Jesus is someone we Christians represent and are called, even commanded, to draw others toward.

Inviting yourself into someone else’s house for a meal is not likely to draw them toward you. (Unless you are Jesus and Zacchaeus, but that is a different story)

There could be, and likely are, other salespersons representing the same company as Mr. I’ll wait through Dinner.  But this particular family, having met this particular salesman, are likely now biased against this salesman AND the company or service he represents.

If you are a Christ-follower, you can expect today to cross someone’s path who likely is biased against the Christ you represent.  Their bias may have been well earned.

How will your representation of Jesus affect those you interact with today?

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