A few months ago Rachel and I had the privilege of sharing a dinner with an author and about two dozen other folk, some of whom we knew, and some we didn’t.  Of course  we did the usual, “Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves.

The women sitting next to Rachel introduced herself after Rachel.  She was about my age, but had just finished her seminary degree.  In subsequent conversation, she was animated about the schooling she had just completed.

When I told her how long it had been since I graduated from seminary (in 1989), her immediate, energized response was, “You should go back; there’s a lot of new stuff!”

I have no doubt there is new stuff.  In the grand scheme of things, however, the 23 years since I finished is but a drop in the bucket of the 2000 years of Christianity.

Yet I knew what she meant. I think.  I’ve tried to keep up with my reading over the past several years.  But I can imagine there are people who, upon finishing school, conclude they are also, therefore, finished with their education.

It’s kind of like those Episcopalians (no offense) who call the 1925 Book of Common Prayer the “new” Book.

One of the main benefits I gained from both my undergraduate and my seminary education was the love of learning.

This isn’t just about theology or education; this is about life.  In a conversation yesterday a high school english teacher told me there are people who believe there has been no actual literature written since Hemingway died.  There are musicians for whom real composition ended with Beethoven.

Like like there are people who say they are against technology, yet they are perfectly happy using (landline) telephones and television.  Which technology are you against?  Just that which has been developed since you turned 21?

What’s “new” for you?

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