My Favorite Misspelling. Or is it?

In church work, there is a lot of printing and publication of the written word.  If there are printed or written words, there are likely misspellings.

One of my most common misspellings, at least when typing, was “Untied” in the place of “United” in United Methodist Church.  Between Spell Check and habit, I have mostly fixed this one.

I ran into another one again the other day that I don’t think I have ever used, but I get a chuckle every time I see it.  This is when one writes intending to refer to the piece of church furniture that sits in the chancel area, usually between pulpit and lectern.  Typically it is called the altar.  Often it is spelled alter.

Similar to typing “untied” when one is intending to type “United Methodist Church,” typing or writing “alter” when one intends to type “altar.” might actually say something nintended but helpful. Perhaps Freudian, some might say.

I won’t spend any time here on the untied nature of the United Methodist Church, but I will think a little this morning about the altering power available at the altar.

Will you consider letting the altar alter your life, your choices, your priorities?

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