I have an attitude problem

I have an attitude problem.

If I have a seriously negative first experience with something, I find it incredibly difficult to get past it. For instance, if I walk into a restaurant and get a poor welcome, it is very unlikely I’ll enjoy my time there.

I shouldn’t hold this kind of grudge. It is unfair, and devoid of grace. I claim to have been, or to being, saved by grace. Yet every Sunday (at least) I pray and ask God to treat me the way I treat others. To receive grace, I fully believe I must offer it toward others; yet sometimes I am horrible at doing so.

I do believe, however, that I am making progress.  For years I didn’t recognize this pattern in myself. Now I have.

So now I must do something about it.

The good thing, the bad thing, the challenging thing, is that I now no longer have an excuse NOT to move towards grace.

I will need help. Feel free to ask me how I am doing.

2 thoughts on “I have an attitude problem

  1. Telling others is a good way to create accountability. I had an attitude problem about a specific person, and I told that person I was going to work on my attitude during Lent. I still struggle sometimes, but it’s helped immensely. Acknowledging the problem is scary because you know you have to deal with it now. I fully believe you can, and will, move closer to grace.

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