Gifts and the Image of God

I received what was, in a sense, my first gift from Eliza this morning. She brought home this spider yesterday from Parent’s Day Out.

I have received gifts from her before; I have had three birthdays and a couple of Christmases since she was born.  But this was something that she, of her own volition, handed to me and said, specifically, “This is for you.” As far as I can tell, she wanted nothing in return.

The awareness to give gifts to another is something that is, no doubt, learned.  I am thankful that she has, likely, learned this from us.

What struck me, though, is how quick we Christians are sometimes to remember what we call original sin and yet forget that prior to sin was paradise.  Creation came before Fall.  Though we can all recognize with the Psalmist that “there is none good; no, not one,” we ought also remember that each of us has been created in God’s own image.  Tarnished and broken though we may be, it might help to remember that for each of us AND every other person, it is the image of GOD that is tarnished and broken.

Somewhere down the road Eliza will, likely, give me something and immediately afterwards say something like, “since I gave you that, can I watch so-and-so?” or some other such request.

She will have learned that from us, too.

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