What kind of Church is that?

In correspondence with another pastor last week, I read his description of his congregation as “a conservative church.”

While I understood what he meant (I think), this really made the wheels turn in my head.  I could, perhaps, so characterize every church I have served in the past as either “conservative” or “liberal.”  [our correspondence was about American politics, so I am referring to American political labels “conservative” and “liberal.”]  The more I think about all this, though, the less helpful it seems to me to identify a church, a congregation, a representation of the Body of Christ, with one political label or another.

You can argue that this trait of Jesus is “conservative” or “liberal” but these labels as they occur in 2012 do not translate directly to Jesus’ day.  This means that, generally, they are not helpful in doing what we who follow Jesus are called to do, which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Except, of course, the one political label that I believe all Christians ought to proudly wear – that “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

I hope this, the Lordship of Jesus, is the political message members, visitors, outsiders, and passersby get from the Church I pastor.



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