In youth ministry purpling is decidedly NOT a good thing.  In the larger realm of those who follow Jesus and are US voters, it IS a good thing!

Boys being represented by blue and girls by pink, purpling in youth ministry refers to the mixing of the two. Politically, on the other hand, red has come to represent Republicans and blue Democrats.

Last night we were one of many churches around the country to hold an Election Communion service. Communion, a sacrament for many Christian groups. is a celebration and remembering of Jesus’ life, teachings  death, and resurrection.  Importantly, it is also a time of calling us together as a community.

As divisive as this election has been, I felt it was valuable for us, as a congregation, to celebrate communion on election day.

As I sent out a facebook reminder about this service, I was struck that color of the grape juice we use is purple – a combination of blue and red.

My prayer today is that Christians, and, for that matter, all USAmericans, will realize that whether we as individuals identify as red or blue, we really have to be purple as a people.


One thought on “Purpled!

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