Memories; like them or not…

Yesterday afternoon I got out of the office for some visits and some creative time.  I was about to pull into a Starbuck’s. ( I was dressed in all black and Chucks, so I figured that an appropriate stop.)IMAG0927-1

I decided instead to pull into a McDonald’s.  The clincher was $1 for any size drink (I chose medium) versus $2 minimum for a cup of coffee.  My visit to the Golden Arches started with a potty break.

As soon as I entered the men’s room, I caught a whiff of a familiar smell.  No, not one you are likely thinking of, but, rather, the smell of the McDonald’s branded cleaner.  Yes, the restroom was clean.  Yes, the scent was the same as the cleaner we used when I first worked at a McDonald’s, which I think was in 1980.

Not much else is the same about this American Icon, but that scent is.

The McDonald’s that gave me my first real job has also given me many lessons and good memories.  It was very well run; I could tell this was true at the time, and have gained even more appreciation for those experiences over the years.

Most memories are a mixed bag.  I hope the memories that stir in your soul over the next couple of weeks as we move toward Christmas are as much good as bad.  Some of them may be good only in the sense that they are of events in the past.  So be it.

May you remember and be well.

One thought on “Memories; like them or not…

  1. Memories…you put a smile on my face today. In high school, I played on an intramural basketball team. We all wore the black high top Chucks. Supposedly to make us look slower than we were. We not only were slow but we could not jump either.

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