New Year, Same Old Issues

SeparationBluePortraitWithTextThis week I will be beginning a 6 week sermon series illustrated by the banner to the right.  Thanks to Rachel Heyduck and Mike Springer for the design.

I want to let something out about this series – regarding the subtitle “The Growing Divide Between Church and Life” specifically.  The wording grew out of a few lines from a Steve Taylor song, “It’s a Personal Thing” that remains one of my favorites.  Here is my ‘memorized’ version of the lyrics:

“I’m devout, I’m sincere, and I’m proud to say / that it’s had exactly no affect on who I am today. / I believe, for the benefit of all mankind / in the total separation of church and mind.”

Religion, or Church, or one’s relationship with God has become extremely personalized and privatized and individualized in recent years. I believe that much of the current “Rise of the ‘Nones’,” “I’m spiritual but not religious” and “I like Jesus but not the Church” categories result from this tendency, and are, perhaps, reasonable consequences to be expected.

How should we who (claim to) follow Jesus respond?  Come and see!

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