Gap this!

I am making final preparations for teaching at next week’s Perkins School of Youth Ministry.  One of the classes I will be teaching is titled “Deconstructing the Generation Gap.”  I will allege, and hopefully convince my class, that the generation gap is a social construct and one that is (ought to be) unwelcome in the church.

It struck me today that the term “generation gap” really came into being as the Baby Boomers began to rise into late adolescence and early adulthood.  Now, however, they are on the other end of the gap.

How are you doing, Baby Boomers, from this side of the “gap,” as compared to how the older generation did when you were on the young end?

4 thoughts on “Gap this!

  1. My perception is that the generation gap is largely a creation of marketing moguls aiming to make money via population segmentation. But even if I think this has been a bad thing, I cannot deny that they have been successful at creating this monstrosity. Overcoming the gap will take intentional action, not just refusing to acknowledge it.

    Sounds like “making it unwelcome” is on the right track.

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