Getting Ready

I have 43 minutes left during which I can drink or eat anything.

Anything, that is, until after my knee surgery tomorrow.

I’m not staying up late on purpose, wanting to eek out every last bit of allowable time for nourishment.

No, I am awake, I suppose, because I am having knee surgery tomorrow.

I don’t (or didn’t) think I am particularly nervous about this procedure.  It is arthrosopic surgery to repair a tear in the medial meniscus cartilage in my left knee.  Not that complicated, at least as far as knee surgery goes.  I’ve got an excellent surgeon.

I had the same procedure done on my other knee 28 years ago.  it went very well and recovery was faster than I had expected.

Yet I am still awake an hour later than usual.

I am still awake enough to blog.

I think this is because no matter how certain we say we are of something, if that something is in the future, we are NOT certain. however much we may till others or ourselves that we are certain the outcome will be this or that, we are not.  After the fact, when things work ou our way, we comfortably say we knew it all along.

But we didn’t.

I know many people who are facing more uncertainty, and much more serious and immediate consequences than I.  I hope this evening and this anxiety gives me some window, however small it may be, to where they are.

Thank you for your prayers and all your well wishes.  They are part of what will help me sleep here in a few minutes.

In fact, I find more peace in encouragement and friendship than in supposed or alleged certainty.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have only 33 more minutes that I can eat or drink anything.

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