ImageI choose the above title partly because I will soon review a book titled “Evolution’s Purpose.”  For now, though, let it describe what I may have done over the last couple of years as illustrated by this picture taken of me yesterday.

I had carried a change of clothes to my post-op visit following last week’s knee surgery, but, as I changed, I noticed I had failed to bring a change of socks.  I spent the rest of the day in black jeans,black shoes, and white socks.

My immediate thought was to hop into a store and buy a pair of black socks.  That’s what I would have done in the past – ok, what I recall having done in the past under similar circumstances.

Yesterday, though, I demonstrated maturity. As I have a drawn full (relatively) of black socks at home, it made little sense to buy more.

I don’t think anyone was offended nor was my witness or ministry hindered by the Sock Problem.

Perhaps I can continue to evolve in the same direction. I hope next time to remember to bring the requisite socks.

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