Where is your God?

I am struck my the trend in our culture to thank God for successes.  One rarely sees an athlete succeed, score, win, etc., and not bow in prayer or make the sign of the cross. Or, sometimes, thank  God for the score/win/etc.

It’s not that I think God doesn’t have the time, power, or inclination to watch our sporting events. As I understand God, there is nothing beyond God’s grasp, attention, or reach.

Perhaps I speak out of turn because I don’t know the lives of these folks, but it seems that few live day-to-day as though God is present or interested.

Until the big play, or the big shot, or the big event. Then, if successful, we make it all about God.

I believe God is less interested in our contrived big events than in the minutia of our daily lives.  Or maybe I should say it the other way; I believe God is more interested in the muck of day-to-day things, issues, challenges you and I face than in the nationally televised big events.

To be fair to the high profile athletes who credit God when they win and live as atheists when they don’t, or when the cameras are not on them, this is an affliction many of us share.  We want God to be there, just out of reach, letting us on our own, until the moment strikes that we need more than we are.

God as 5 hour energy boost?  That’s not too far from how we treat God too much of the time.


One thought on “Where is your God?

  1. Agreed Steve. So many of the teenagers in my youth group are so impressed when they find out some athlete is a “Christian” because while on camera he gave “God” the credit. It breaks my heart every time I see someone famous make a statement like this.

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