Which side am I on?

wisdomI found myself in an awkward place a few weeks ago in a discussion with some of our youth.

There are many words that are used broadly within concern for shared meaning, and I think wisdom is one of them. So I decided to ask what “wisdom” was.

I don’t remember the definitions given, but everyone was on the same page, or at least adjacent pages. Until, that is, I asked how one acquires or attains (I think I actually used the word “gets”) wisdom.

Everyone in the conversation except me expressed some version of this: wisdom comes with age.

Full disclosure: I fully believe that I am wiser now than I was when I was younger.  But I am observant enough also to claim that not everyone my age (or older) is necessarily wise.  Let’s face it, adults: we are not wise just because we have lived to the age we now are.  We still react out of selfishness, pride, greed, insecurity, etc. from time to time.

The real point I hoped to make with those young people, though, was NOT that older people are not wise by virtue of being older.  No; the real point I wanted them to grasp (at least a little) was that they, as young people, had access to wisdom as much as anyone.

Christian Youth love to cite 1 Timothy 4:12 which says “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example….”

In that conversation, it was the Christian youth who were looking down on themselves.

Young people:  we need the wisdom that you have to offer.

We are, I believe, all in this together.

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