“It’s like Mission Control down here.”Apollo13MissionControl1

So said someone just walking into the meeting room in our office building.  “Mission Control” takes me back to childhood and watching the moon landings.

I was told recently that today’s typical low-cost digital wristwatch contains more computing power than all of the computers that took the Apollo vessels (successfully) to the moon and back.

The ‘Mission Control’ in our meeting room is a collection of our Food Pantry volunteers learning the new computerized system that Tarrant Area Food Bank has brought on board.

Most of our Food Pantry volunteers have not spent most of their years in the computer age.  I think it is fair to say that some of them have very little familiarity with computers beyond email.

Instead of lamenting some other generation’s resistance to technology, I want to applaud the willingness of these volunteers to step out of their comfort zones.  For some of them, this is WAY out of their comfort zones.

I enjoy technology.  I realize I am not on the cutting edge, but I am closer to being an early adopter than a laggard.  Today I am challenged to be aware of other areas of life that I may be less flexible.

As I identify them, I hope I can learn something from the flexibility of our Food Pantry volunteers.  Thank you for teaching me something today!

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