Version Matters

I cannot help but read church signs as I drive past them.  Here’s what I read on one yesterday: “‘Stimulate one another to love and good deeds.’ -Hebrews 10:24”

If the problem is mine, please tell me, but I think that in today’s culture there might be a more helpful word than “stimulate” for the message I believe this church intends to convey.

“Stimulate” is the choice of the New American Standard version.  Others translate the Greek variously as “provoke,” “spur,” “motivate,” “encourage.”  The King James Version, in case you are interested, uses “provoke.”

I suppose, on the other hand, such word choice might stimulate an interest in what is happening with this congregation.


2 thoughts on “Version Matters

  1. Are you implying “stimulate” has a sexual overtone? When I opened this post I was expecting it to be about versions we study/preach. And I also know there is a connection between fundamentalism and translations like the NASB. But in this case, I would say the choice was based on naivety or blind adherence to translation. I enjoyed the way this post spurred, provoked, stimulated my thoughts.

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