Christian Laser Hair Removal

The other day I was listening to a little bit of Christian Radio.  It was the kind of Christian Radio that didn’t exist a couple decades ago.  By that, I mean Christian Radio with advertising.

I like the concept of Christian Radio with advertising; mostly because I never liked the pledge drives of the other model, or most of the programming if it was all preachers and ministries.

Music and ads.  That’s radio in my world.

I turned the radio on to this line “…will change your life.”

You know what I expected the subject to be.  It’s the same thing I bet you expect the subject of that sentence to be on Christian Radio.



The subject of this life-changing claim was laser hair removal.

The voice in my head went from idle to tirade in about 3 seconds. (I was in the car with my family, and an actual tirade would have felt silly and been inappropriate)

THIS is what’s wrong with selling advertising on Christian Radio!  How can they (the station) allow a product -especially one like laser hair removal – to make claims like that?

So went my internal tirade.

Rachel, as usual, talked me off the ledge.

I’ve since begun to wonder how we as Jesus followers navigate all the claims to “life-changing” experience around us.  Do we weigh them in the context of the change following Jesus has already made in our lives? Or do we, like my little tirade, weigh the right to make such claims?

Do Jesus and his ability to bring transformation in me really need to be protected from claims made by a hair removal technique?

Every time I pick up a diet coke, and I do so too often, I have some small, quiet script going in my mind that this will change my life.  In so thinking am I really setting diet coke on a par with Jesus?

I don’t think so.  I do not turn to diet coke for wisdom or patience or for insight on how to live life in the presence of God.

2 thoughts on “Christian Laser Hair Removal

  1. Listening to the radio while eating snack is usually done by many people, including me. But I am not someone who used to think many things at the moment. I would normally think about the philosophy of life. Even so, your idea to associate removing hair with the power of God is something unique that I heard recently.

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