I may have really blown it yesterday.  During my Children’s Message, no less.

I likened following Jesus to learning to walk.  As compared to learned nuclear physics, that is.  No, I didn’t discuss nuclear physics with the 3-9 year olds.

My motivation, though, was that a typical room full of adult Christians tends to interpret living as a faithful Christian as being at least as challenging as nuclear physics.

Because I believe in and follow a savior who tells us his yoke is easy and burden is light, I refuse to accept that following Jesus takes an advanced degree.  Learning to walk, I think, is a better analogy.

Unless, of course, you are a visitor in the congregation who, for various reasons unknown to myself, has never been able to walk without an extreme amount of focus and concentration.

I may never know this man’s story, because he left the service not long after Children’s Time was over.

Even as I was using the walking analogy, I was realizing its limits.

Every analogy has limits. The limits of this analogy may have lost someone along the way.

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