Idol or Offering?

In the same week that I was engaged in a discussion about online worship, I came across this:Image

I was struck at the cultural contrast in this image. The altar setting appears very traditional to me, the LCD television sitting upon it the opposite.

The first thought I had, honestly, was that this symbolized our present-day worship of electronic imagery.  Is the television itself a “graven image,” or are the multiplicity of images we look for on it “graven images”?

Or could it be that an altar is exactly where Jesus Followers ought to place their televisions.  What we put on the altar, after all, is what we give to God.  Dare we give our use of the screen to God?

ALL of our use of the screen? EVERY screen?

If indeed our employment of screens is given over to God, what might this mean about our openness to worship, fellowship, other experiences we have that involve screens?

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