Don’t Waste Time Reading!?

New, from Barna:  Barnaframes are designed to help you read important, worthwhile things without wasting all that time, well, reading. Watch this: BarnaFrames Or, as they put it, “Read less, Know more.”

Honestly, the idea is appealing to me.  There is so much more out there that I want to read than I have time to read.  Even my brother Richard, who reads faster and more broadly than anyone I know, cannot possibly read everything worth reading.

My suspicion is that a BarnaFrame by a certain author, well done, will entice me to want to read actual books by the same author.

Someone said once (I think it was Dennis Kinlaw, but I’m not sure) that we should not try to read all the good books or all the interesting books, but that we owe it to ourselves to read the great books.

I am open to the idea that BarnaFrames can connect me with some great books.

Feel free to start with anything from my Essential Readings page.

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