My Colonoscopy

I am getting a colonoscopy today. I’m only telling you this hoping that it may encourage someone else to get a colonoscopy as well. I do not intend to share graphic details with you. I do not expect they will let me take pictures or run video during the procedure.

People with no family history of colon cancer are supposed to get there first colonoscopy at around age 50. I turn 50 earlier this month. On my birthday, I called to begin the process of scheduling a colonoscopy.

My doctor wanted me to schedule an appointment to meet before the procedure. During the session my doctor told me that 26 percent of people with no family history or experience of colon issues have a polyp or other concern found during a colonoscopy. This shows how incredibly important it is that you and I (when we reach the age at which a colonoscopy is recommended) should have a colonoscopy performed.

I will let you know tomorrow how it went.

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